Do You Know Why it’s Important to Rotate Your Tires?

Want to extend the life of your tires? Bringing your vehicle in for a routine tire rotation  is just one way you can get more bang for your buck.

The front tires on a front-wheel drive vehicle accelerate, steer, and help brake your vehicle. Front tires have been shown to wear down faster than rear tires. Typically rear wheel tires last twice as long as front wheel tires.

Ideally, we recommend you replace all four tires at the same time (including the spare tire!). A good rule of thumb is to follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual suggestions, rotate them with every other oil change, or rotate them every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. Rotating your tires helps ensure even wearing for all your tires.

Choosing not to rotate your tires can lead to an abundance of problems, some of which can be costly. Mechanical repairs, loss of balance, road friction and front-end misalignment are all negative effects that may result from not rotating your tires.

When you bring your vehicle to Mike’s Tire and Automotive for a tire rotation, it allows us to examine the tires for damage, inspect the wear patterns on your tires as well as check the tire pressure to ensure proper inflation.

Just like walking in your shoes, you might notice the way your shoes wear in certain areas from walking in them.

Tires are no different. Tires conform to the terrain depending on their location on your vehicle. A left side tire versus a right side tire will conform, or wear, differently.Additionally, front and rear tires do different jobs and have varying degrees of wear.

Regular tire rotations prevent wear patters and allow you as a consumer to get the most miles out of your tires by ensuring even wear all around.

You will likely notice the benefits of your tire rotation the moment you pull out of our parking lot!

Tire rotation will allow you to experience a smoother ride due to increased traction.

You may also see improved gas mileage over time due to a more balanced vehicle.

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