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Michelin® tires have been recognized worldwide as a leader in the tire industry. Michelin® believes giving the customer numerous choices with outstanding quality is what stands Michelin® apart from their competitors. Michelin®'s® long history of tires for every vehicle include passenger, light truck, performance, minivan, tuner, and RV tires.  Michelin®: A Leader in Innovation

Michelin® continues to strive for new and creative ideas to improve the tire industry. Being a leader in the radial tire movement of the sixties, Michelin® has now come up with a totally new concept called the "Twill." This new tire will revolutionize the industry by being one of the first tires that do not need air or a sidewall.

Another great Michelin® feature is the BAZ Technology. Spiral-wrapped nylon strips are precisely placed atop the steel belts at zero degrees to tire rotation to help limit tire distortion. This helps control tire shape at high speeds, which helps provide better handling and ride quality. Our Michelin® Pilot Sport tires all feature this patented BAZ Technology. It's one of Michelin®'s® advancements in the tire design that helps ensure safety and security.

The Michelin® Pax System is a vast improvement over current tire and wheel technologies. Michelin® Pax System inner support ring offers exceptional maneuverability and control in the event of a blowout. And if a flat should occur, the Michelin® Pax allows for the vehicle to be driven up to 125 miles at 55 mph. When compared to the traditional tires and run-flat tires, the Michelin® Pax System tire possesses a shorter, yet more flexible, sidewall for less tire roll, better road grip, and more responsive control.