Helpful Smart Phone Automotive Apps

Remember the days of the big Atlas paper maps and reading road signs to get where you’re going?

Those days are long gone!

Technology has taken over and smart phones allow us to have the most up to date information at our fingertips.

While on the road, whether road tripping or day-to-day travel, there is an abundance of helpful apps to assist you along the way!

GasBuddy.Why pay more when you can pay less? This app allows you to enter your location and compare the gas prices in your area.

Repair Pal.The thought of needing unexpected repairs can be daunting! Repair pal allows you to select your vehicle and the type of repair needed in return for a rough estimate of what the service may cost you in the area you are in.

Car Minder Plus.This app is like having your very own service assistant at your fingertips.You can input your vehicles service schedule and receive reminders when it’s time to have a service performed. You can also log information for multiple vehicles.

aCar.With this app you can monitor fill-ups and fuel mileage, maintenance services, expenses and trips! This app conducts useful calculations when you input your mileage and the price of gas to determine the cost of running your car per mile.

Plugshare.Do you drive a plug-in hybrid or full-blown electronic vehicle? Use this app to locate a nearby charging station. This app will even tell you if the station a home or public location.

Honk.We’ve all been in a situation where we couldn’t quite remember when we left our vehicle! You can pin your cars location with honk so you can find it easily. In addition, Honk will send you reminders when your parking meter is getting low.

Witness Driving.Have you ever wanted a cool dashboard cam? Now you can have one! This app turns your smartphone into a camera. You’ll need to have a windshield mount.

Waze.Join in on the community’s largest used traffic and navigation app. This app provides up to the minute traffic information along with alternate routes.

Around Me.This app allows you to search your local surroundings. Whether you are looking for the closest coffee shop or accomodations for the evening, this app has it all!

All apps are available in the iTunes store. Some apps may require a fee.