Bigger IS better.

That’s what we believe at Mike’s Tire and Automotive! Mike’s offers a wide selection of truck accessories that not only make your ride look great, but also perform better. We can even install them for you.

We’re proud to offer, among other truck accessories, sidebars, rocker bars, winches, bumpers, tube steps, body armor, suspension systems, lighting solutions, bedliners, hood shields, fender flares and rear seat storage solutions.

The accessories we feature come from top brands we know and trust such as Bedslide, Rugged Liner, Bedrug, Truxedo, Westin, Stampede, Bully Dog, Du-Ha and ReadyLIFT!

Our professional staff can help answer any questions you might have and can help you select the right products to achieve the look and performance you desire.

Need more? We’ve highlighted a few of the accessories we offer below.


Truck bedliners serve as a way to protect your gear. Why install? They are a barrier between the truck bed and anything you might carry in the back. Most bedliners are non-pooling and skid resistant and also offer tailgate protection. Bedliners provide coverage and peace of mind to avoid scratches or other damage from any gear you carry.

Sidebars and Step Bars.

Getting in and out of your vehicle shouldn’t be like climbing Mount Everest. The main purpose of side and step bars is to make getting in and out easier. These custom fitted accessories provide enhanced design, all weather performance and reliability.

Lift Kits.

Adding a lift, lower or leveling kit to your vehicle adds style, optimizes performance and enhances off-road driving. Lifted spring suspension kits are the most common type of lift offering a few extra inches of clearance and larger tires. Shackle suspension lift kits work best for someone who wants “looks” but does not intend to off-road. Shackle reverse lift kits create a smooth ride off-the-road. Coil suspension lift kits are one of the most expensive options but are also one of the best lifts you can put on your vehicle because they offer heavy off-the-road travel while enjoying control on the freeway.

Leveling Kits.

Leveling kits improve your vehicle's look as well as provide added safety. Your vehicle may weigh more in the front or rear, depending on the vehicle type or modifications. An unbalanced vehicle that sags towards either end not only makes the vehicle look less appealing, but also affects handling, suspension, and tire wear. Vehicle-specific leveling kits balance the weight of your ride and create proper alignment.

Lowering Kits.

Create street appeal and enhance vehicle performance by adding a lowering kit. We carry lowering kits that are sure to fit your needs. Our technicians will complete your lowering kit job properly. When you choose to install a lowering kit on your own, you risk damaging your vehicle's undercarriage.

To make an appointment or for help selecting the right products for your needs or for a full listing of available accessories, call 804.642.2980 or visit: http://www.mikestireandauto.com.