Tips for Driving in the Fog


Driving in heavy fog is “statistically the most dangerous driving hazard in existence,” according to Smart Motorist.

As a driver you’ve most likely experienced fog on the roads while driving.The challenge of fog is presented most commonly in spring and autumn but can occur anytime of the year.Driving in heavy fog is essentially like driving with a blindfold as driver visibility is extremely reduced.

Careful consideration and caution should be used during any hazardous driving condition.In addition to keeping your vehicles maintenance up to date, there are precautions you can take to be safer while navigating the roads.Read on to find out safe measures you can take while driving in foggy conditions.

Pull over.

Dense fog is typically temporary.If time permits, pull over and wait for the fog to lift.Be sure to pull completely off of the roadway or into a parking lot away from the road.Pulling onto the side of the road is dangerous and other drivers may have difficulty seeing you, which could result in an accident.

Slow down.

If visibility is reduced, slow down. Pay close attention to the speedometer as fog has a tendency to “mask the sensation of speed by removing visual indicators of velocity” according to J.D. Power.This sensation makes it easier to unknowingly speed up.

Increase your following distance.

Be sure to allow enough time to react should you need to. On a clear day, the two second rule is acceptable. However, while driving in foggy conditions, it is best to use the five second rule.There should be a minimum of five seconds between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.This will give you time to react to any situation ahead of you should you need to.

Use low-beam headlights.

When visibility is reduced it’s common to want to turn on the high beam lights to see more clearly.When fog is present, the high beams direct light up and the illumination reflects off of the fog back towards your car making it brighter, not clearer.Using low beams directs light down onto the road to both help you see and allow others to see you.

Use the road as a guide.

If you are having a hard time staying inside of your travel lane, use the solid white line along the right side as a guide.Using the middle line can draw your vehicle to the left side of the road and into coming traffic.Those drivers are also experiencing limited visibility.