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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

Lose weight.

Go to bed earlier.

Quit smoking.

Get out of debt.

Tis’ the season for New Year’s Resolutions. The question is not what you’ll do for yourself, but what you’ll do for your car?

There are several things you can do this month and throughout the year to keep your car in tip-top shape both inside and out!

Keep it clean.

We all have that friend or family member that has to clean the passenger seat every time we are riding with them. Forgo the trash, have pride and keep it clean! One easy trick is to keep a small trash can or bag inside your vehicle. Dispose of trash inside and you can easily empty the trash from your car just as you would from your home. Voila! Problem solved!

Be proactive.

Don’t wait until you hear a funny sound to bring your vehicle in. Familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s owner’s manual and ensure you are following your maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle running at optimal performance.

Be a fuel efficient driver.

What does that mean? It means slow down and take it easy. Aggressive driving increases fuel consumption by as much as 35%. Slowing down can save you money on fuel and lower your vehicle’s emissions. Leave earlier to allow yourself enough time to get to your destination.

Top off your fluids.

Windshield fluid. Power steering fluid. Transmission fluid. Brake fluid. Coolant. All of these fluids play an important role in the efficiency of your vehicle. Don’t wait until they are bone dry. Check your fluids and top them off regularly.

Rotate your tires.

We get it. Time and money. But what if told you that rotating your tired extends the life of them resulting in not having to purchase another pair as soon? That’s right. Rotating your tires ensures even tread wear on all four. It also prevents them from developing a wear pattern therefore extending the life of them. Schedule that 30 minute appointment to get them rotated. You’ll be glad you did!

Learn to change a tire.

Don’t be the damsel in distress. Learn to change a tire. If we could offer one of the most important self sufficient tips, it would be to learn to change a tire. Don’t depend on a stranger to come along and help. And calling roadside assistance costs money. Taking the time to learn can save you stress and money and give you a sense of empowerment that you can do take care of yourself.

We challenge you to ensure this is one resolution you keep…the resolution to a keep your vehicle maintained!



Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winter weather is on the way and at Mike’s Tire and Automotive we believe preparation is the best prevention.

Cold temperatures take a toll on your vehicle’s wear and tear. Investing a little time and money now can prevent big problems down the road and provide you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is being properly maintained.

Take these steps now to prepare your car for the harsh winter weather expected in the coming months.

Have your battery system checked.
Winter weather can be hard on your vehicle’s battery. Contact us and we can check your battery and ensure it’s performing at its best.

Check your antifreeze.
Clean, flush and add new antifreeze. This is to prevent the water in your radiator from freezing. When the water freezes, it cannot cool your engine. Not maintaining an adequate level of antifreeze could case your vehicle to overheat

Ensure your heater and defroster is working properly.
One thing you definitely need to be able to do is see out of your windshield. Ensure your defroster is working for both your front and back windshields. Never try to leave your driveway until you have full visibility.

Check your tires.
This includes wear and tear and tire pressure. Have your tires rotated to ensure even wear. You’ll want to ensure you have good traction should you need to travel through snowy road conditions. Consider snow tires that allow for better traction and are equipped for extreme winter weather. If you think this may be an option for you, contact us for more information.

Check your lights.
In hazardous winter weather, you’ll need your lights on for safe driving. Ensure your car lights, both front and back are operating properly. This will allow other drivers to safely see you.

Replace windshield wiper blades.
Wiper blades should be replaced approximately every six months. If you get stuck in snow or rain you’ll want to ensure the best visibility possible. Your best choice is to select winter wiper blades and use cold weather washer fluid. Don’t wait until your windshield wiper blades are falling off to replace them.

Stay up to date on oil changes.
Oil changes are crucial to the performance of your vehicle. Low oil or bad oil can lead to a variety of problems. Ensure you follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and have regular oil changes performed.

Check your brakes.
If your vehicle is in need of new brakes, don’t put it off. In snowy and icy weather you need brakes you depend on!

Get a tune-up.
Did you know winter weather can magnify existing problems? If you’re due for a tune-up, schedule an appointment before winter weather sets in.

Check your exhaust system.
You’ll want to ensure you don’t have any carbon monoxide leaks. These can be dangerous in the winter when most driving is done with the windows up. As a reminder, never start your vehicle and leave it running in a closed garage. This is extremely dangerous. Back your vehicle out of the garage and then allow it to warm up.

Stock an emergency kit (just in case!)

You know the old saying…better to be safe than sorry! Putting together an emergency kit is simple and you can toss it in your trunk for safe keeping. Be sure to include an ice scraper, jumper cables, flashlight, flares, blanket, bottled water and snacks.

Two more things!
While these are not necessarily car maintenance tips, they are important items to note! Ensure you always keep at least a half of a tank of gas. If you get stranded or stuck in traffic you’ll want to ensure you don’t run out of gas and end up stranded.

Additionally, always clear your car off before departing your destination. Not only is not cleaning your car off hazardous to you, it’s dangerous to those around you. We’ve all been driving and had another vehicle’s snow slam into our windshield scaring us and affecting our visibility. Always thoroughly clear off all snow and ice before hitting the road.

To schedule an appointment at Mike’s Tire and Auto, call 804.642.2980 or email mikestireandauto.ordinary@gmail.com.



Mike’s Tire and Automotive Announces Winner of Tire Giveaway, Celebrates One Year Anniversary Of Jimmy Guy Ownership

IMG_3630-min 2

Timing, as they say, is everything.

Jay Hilliard of Gloucester Virginia was just telling his wife Wendy Hilliard that she needed new tires for her 2010 Mini Cooper convertible when she got word she won the Mike’s Tire and Automotive Tire Giveaway.

The Tire giveaway was hosted by Mike’s Tire and Automotive to celebrate the one year anniversary of Jimmy Guy being named president and owner of the long-standing Gloucester business.

“I have been familiar with Mike’s since the mid to late 80s,” said Hilliard. “It’s been a great experience and I would recommend people using Mike’s. They are local, they’re wonderful, they’re a one-stop shop with great people and great service.”

Guy called the contest a great way to give back to the community and thank customers, friends, neighbors and residents for their years of support to Mike’s and the last year of support to Guy as he transitioned to owner.

“The first year has been awesome,” said Guy. “We are blessed with great customers and good staff and it couldn’t be any better.”

Guy took over full ownership of Mike’s Tire and Automotive in 2014, where he has worked since 1980 and has served as Vice President since 2003. Guy officially purchased the business from Beth Haskell, widow of Monty Haskell who owned the shop from 1976 until his death on Sept. 20, 2013.

Mike’s Tire and Automotive was founded in 1954. Guy began his career there as a part time associate in 1980 when he was just 16. He remained part time for more than two decades. Guy came on full time in 2003 when he was approached by then owner Monty about becoming a partner in the business.

As for what’s next, Guy said, “I want to focus on growing the mechanical business. Also, our business is growing and our team is expanding so we are hoping to bring on another technician within the next month.”

Of all of the things Guy loves about his business, his favorite is his customers.

“A lot of our customers I’ve known since I started working here in the early 80’s,” said Guy. “I know their vehicles, I know where they live. Customers are like family.”

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