Mike's Tire & Automotive Carries BFGoodrich®

When the name BFGoodrich® is mentioned, your thoughts immediately turn to high performance tires, whether it is a Baja race and you see the BFGoodrich® M/T or KO truck tires, or a tuner car show with the BFGoodrich® G-Force KDW. BFGoodrich® is world renown for having the fitments available to handle the variety of applications. BFGoodrich® has been long associated with the muscle car era of the 1960s. The BFGoodrich® Radial T/A has been a favorite for these vehicles. The combination of ttraction and cosmetic appeal has drawn street rod crowd to BFGoodrich®.

BFGoodrich® Is a Great Fit for Your Everyday Vehicle

BFGoodrich® is also a great tire for your everyday driving vehicle. Whether it is running kids to soccer or picking up groceries, BFGoodrich® makes a tire that fits your needs. The BFGoodrich® Traction T/A is a great application for minivans, passenger, and touring vehicles. BFGoodrich® All Terrain KO is very popular with the light truck crowd, offering great traction accompanied with an attractive square shoulder design to make your truck or SUV stand out in a crowd. BFGoodrich® also offers the Long Trail T/A for their customers that prefer a quieter ride for their trucks and SUV. The BFGoodrich® Long Trail is available in many load ranges to handle any payload you may need.